DJ Jus Borne


Since the Sugar Hill Gang dropped the groundbreaking multi-platinum single “Rapper’s Delight” back in 1979, the man with the mic in his hand has been the center of attention in rap music. But nothing gets the crowd moving, dance floor shaking or party started right without the aid of the DJ. And one of the most influential record spinners to ever step behind a pair of ones and twos is Memphis native James Blake III a.k.a. DJ Jus Borne.

The award-winning DJ made has quite a name for himself performing throughout the Mid-South and surrounding areas for years. Known for his ability to keep crowds rocking, Jus Borne is also an accomplished studio engineer and producer. With engineering credits ranging from award-winning super group Three 6 Mafia to southern rap pioneer Tela, this DJ has been known to turn everyday individuals to rap superstars.

“I’ve been able to stay around for so long in this business because I have a genuine love for the art of music. It shows in the care I take in my craft” says who Borne began DJing as an early teen in middle school.

His next steps include relocating to Orlando, FL to attend Full Sail University. After graduating, he returned home with big dreams of making his hometown known for rap when it was only known for Stax, Sun and Hi Records.

On his mission to put Memphis on the hip hop map, he immediately hooked up with old friends who were also aspiring rappers. This led to producing for many of the earlier Mid-South rap acts.

He made his recording debut as the voice of the DJ on trailblazing rapper Kingpin Skinny Pimp’s single “One Life To Live” featuring Three 6 Mafia. The record became a regional hit. That same year, he became Three 6 Mafia’s engineer and earned credits on seven of their releases. This would officially mark the beginning of what would be a long career in music.

DJ Jus Borne can be heard weekly on HOT 107 in Memphis and daily on Q95.5 in Lafayette, LA.



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