The Real Reason Kanye West Has Been Hiding Out

Could we be getting the old Yeezy back?

It’s been an “interesting” and trying few months for Kanye West– with everything from his wife’s robbery in Paris, to his alleged mental breakdown and a reported stint in a psych ward. Kanye went from constantly being in the spotlight to what seems like dropping off the face of the Earth! So where is Yeezy? What is he doing? Well an insider is now spilling the beans on what lead the rapper turned fashion icon to take this much needed time away. It’s being reported that Kanye is spending his time in the mountains of Wyoming. The insider goes on to say this has nothing to do with his mental breakdown and this is what Kanye does to get his creative juices flowing. In the past, the insider says Kanye has gone to Mexico and even Hawaii to find his creative way.

It’s also being reported that Pusha T is in contact with Yeezy and is helping him on his journey. Hopefully Kanye gets well and some dope music comes out of all of this!



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