Nicki Minaj Finally Breaks Her Silence On Her Relationship With Nas

Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for!

It was the infamous picture that broke the internet– what seemed to be a “new couple alert”. Nicki Minaj posted up with music legend Nas but not just in any average picture. The two looked very cozy, hence why the internet completely lost it’s mind (check the picture out below).

All it took was that picture for all the blogs and news outlets to start reporting the two were “dating” and that Nicki finally found a “real man”. While both Nicki and Nas have been completely silent about what is really going on between them, Nicki is finally breaking her silence. Check out her interview with Ellen below!

Ok Nicki, we see you girl! Sounds like Nicki and Nas are on their way to coupledom after all! Are we here for this new couple?



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