Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Won’t Be Teaming Up For ‘Bad Boys 4 Life’…For Now

What a tease!

People went crazy back in 2015 when the rumor of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence teaming up for another Bad Boy movie came about. The trilogy to the series would be entitled ‘Bad Boys 4 Life’ has already been pushed back a number of times and it looks like that’s the case once again. The producer of the movies, Jerry Bruckheimer spilled the reason for the push back is because Will Smith is filming for a Disney project. He also said the script is very funny but they have to work out scheduling conflicts.

As far as this Disney project? Will is rumored to be playing ‘Genie’ in the live remake of Aladdin.

Even though it seems it’s a ways away, would you go see Will Smith and Martin in another ‘Bad Boys’ movie?



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