The Celebs Who’ve Parted Ways With H&M After Ad Gone Wrong

H&M is in desperate need of Olivia Pope right now!

Earlier this week, H&M caught major heat after one of their children’s clothing ad’s went viral. The ad featured a young African American boy, with a hoodie on that said “The coolest Monkey in the Jungle”. If you know anything about the history of the word monkey being associated with African American’s, you know this didn’t fly well…at all! Once social media got a hold of the image all hell broke loose. From celebrities like T.I. and P Diddy to everyday Instagram users, H&M was being called every name in the book- ‘rasict’, ‘insensitive’, and some others that we can’t exactly write here.

Although there were some who said people were being “too sensitive”, the ad was enough to make several celebrities drop any association with the company. That same day, the Weekend posted to his Twitter account that he wouldn’t be working with them. Following his lead, G-Eazy has cut ties with H&M and called the image ‘disturbing’. On a more low key tip, Nicki Minaj has since deleted any trace of H&M from her social media. You may remember, Nicki Minaj and actor Jesse Williams had teamed up for a major campaign with the company just a month ago.

Looks like there is some major damage control needed in the H&M PR department.

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