LUS Fiber Is Prepared to Keep Customers Connected Through Hurricane Delta

LAFAYETTE, LA (October 7th, 2020) – LUS Fiber’s all-fiber network was built for reliability and stability through even the most challenging circumstances. As part of Lafayette’s critical infrastructure, LUS Fiber has activated its Emergency Response Team and is fully staffed with technicians and maintenance crews on 24-hour alert.

LUS Fiber is actively monitoring the development of Hurricane Delta around the clock and will be working in close coordination with city and state officials to keep residents safe and connected.

LUS Fiber customers have individual built-in backup battery power for their internet service in the event their homes experience a power outage. Depending on the length of time they are without power, they may experience a temporary loss of connectivity. Once LUS is able to restore their power, LUS Fiber will be able to reconnect their services.

During Hurricane Laura, approximately 5% of LUS Fiber customers experienced a temporary loss of connectivity, the majority of which was directly due to loss of power.

If anyone has additional questions or needs assistance with their LUS Fiber service, please call 99-FIBER.



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