Queen Naija Talks New Album and the Surprising Career She Always Wanted to Pursue

Whether you know her from her YouTube videos or because of her dynamic voice, Queen Naija has been gracing our screens and airwaves for years with no intention of slowing down. Naija has been teasing a new album for a little while now but just revealed the real reason it has yet to come to pass.

“Before the quarantine thing started, I was actually in LA trying to finish up my album. I thought that was going to be my last trip and I was just going to be finished with everything. Unfortunately, when you sit for so long, you think about what you can do more and I was like, let me make a song about this, let me make another song,” said Naija. Between adding new songs and the global pandemic, Naija says she was tired of making her fans wait for an album. “I’ve got people all in my comments like ‘Stop dropping songs! Where’s the album?!’ and it’s like I get it y’all, but y’all don’t understand. This is my debut! I have to be completely happy with it,” said Naija. Now that Naija is in a good place with the album, she says her fans can expect it early Fall.

Although her singing career has garnered her 8.7 million followers on Instagram, Naija’s YouTube following makes up a good portion of that as well. Naija began her YouTube career in 2016 with her then husband, Christopher Sails; their videos consisting of their life as a married couple with an emphasis on pranks. In recent years, the two have seemingly been at odds, some of the feuds going public on several social media platforms. “I’m a very impulsive person. If I’m feeling a way I’ll go to Twitter and vent and I shouldn’t do that…I’ve said things on there that I shouldn’t have said, that I wish I would’ve kept to myself because it opens so many different opinions…but, at the same time, I put it out there,” said Naija.

Now that Naija can check YouTube personality and successful artist off of her list, could there be another notch added to her belt? “I always wanted to go to school for psychology. I wanted to be some kind of therapist or some kind of person that helps with the youth…or battered women. Just helping people that’ve been broken,” said Naija. Don’t run to try and book a session with her yet though; that was simply a “if I wasn’t entertaining, what would I be doing” scenario.

With an album on the way and fans growing by the day, Naija’s star power is only going up from here. You can catch the full interview, including how she is talking to her sons about the Black Lives Matter movement, below.



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