Republic Services Collection Suspended & Other Debris Tips

Republic Services is suspending trash and recycling collection on Friday, October 9, 2020. Once storm damage is assessed, Republic will advise when collection will resume.

· Move waste and recycling containers, yard waste, any bagged waste and bulk items from the curb, out of streets, parking lots and rights-of-way, so they don’t become a hazard during high winds, heavy rain or severe flooding.

· Secure containers, bagged, and bulky items in a garage, under a carport or behind your residence, whenever possible. If containers cannot be moved to a safe area, secure them to a fence, tree or other heavy object.

· Close container lids to prevent rain from filling the container or wind from scattering debris.

· Commercial customers with containers in corrals should latch and secure corral doors, and remember locks if you normally use them to prevent any potential hazards.



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