Hurricane Debris Pickup Update

Trucks and other equipment needed to pick up hurricane debris in Lafayette Parish are continually being added to ensure a speedier and efficient process. DRC Emergency Services continues to work in various zones in the parish, and by the weekend anticipate having 27 trucks total.


Late last week, 13 trucks and 17 crews are working in Zones 1, 3, 9, 10, and 11, and depending on the location and amount of debris, are using self-loaders, dump trailers, and bobcats for collection.


Residents can access a zone map on the Lafayette Consolidated Government website, and plugin their address to find out whether trucks are currently working in their neighborhood and can also track areas where debris has been removed. To access the zone map, go to Lafayette Consolidated Government’s website by clicking on the following link:


Also, a daily updated list of zones where crews are currently working and equipment being used will be posted on the Lafayette Consolidated Government Facebook page and on the 311 website, Click on the Active Alert Hurricane Delta tab.




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