The Real Reason Potomac Housewife Candiace Bassett Doesn’t Believe the Apology After Her Attack Was “Genuine”

Candiace Dillard Bassett has become a household name since appearing on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Potomac and while that may seem like it’s all glitz and glam, it’s not always pretty in Potomac!

Since season three, Bassett has been making her presence known among the housewives. Between the shady banter and the witty wordplay on screen, Bassett has been making major business moves off screen, which she said was her motivation all along. “I think that anyone who comes into the reality television world needs to come into it with a plan … not just airing out your dirty laundry for no reason, honey. If you’re going to give them your business, you need to get some business about yourself. So, I was very adamant and very steadfast about setting goals for myself, and I’ve been able to accomplish those.” Those goals that she speaks of? A role on Netflix’s Family Reunion, starring in a BET Christmas movie and working to complete her EP very soon.

While many things seem to be going in Bassett’s favor, there is still the lingering impact from her physical altercation with fellow housewife, Monique Samuels. “My mental state is honestly all over the place. The entire experience has been traumatic. It’s been really emotionally taxing. There are days where I think I’m okay … and then something will drop on the floor, and I’ll jump. I just have all this anxiety.”

As the season continued, viewers witnessed Samuels tearfully attempt to apologize to the ladies for her behavior, as well as meeting with her Pastor and seeming remorseful. Yet, Bassett isn’t buying the apology. “Everything she did and said after … I’m having a hard time believing anything that she said in that scene, because it was a scene, that deserves an Emmy. I’m having a hard time believing that any of that was genuine.” Basset goes on to say Samuels continued to spread lies and even wrote a song bragging about the altercation. “What you said in that scene was a stunt,” said Bassett.

The fall out didn’t only impact the ladies in the group though; Bassett and Samuels husbands, who were also friends, felt the weight the chaos caused. “They did speak recently. What they talked about is their business. They’ve tried in the past to intervene and sort of help us to work out issues that we’ve had in previous seasons … and it did help. We didn’t hear from the Samuels for almost a year. When Chris did reach out, what they talked about was about them … it has no bearing on me. There’s nothing you can say to me at this point that’s going to move me,” said Bassett.

So how does Bassett feel about her husband continuing his friendship with Samuels’s husband? Watch the full interview below to find out that answer, as well as if motherhood is in her near future!



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