Was It All Editing? Ready To Love’s Cornelius Bryant Addresses Explosive Voiceover Scene and His Explanation Is Going to Shock You

Love is already a complicated enough process – but adding lights, cameras and dating multiple people at the same time, takes it up a notch!

Now that OWN Network’s Ready To Love reunions have come to a conclusion, most questions about Cornelius Bryant and Kamil Hazel’s relationship have been answered but do we really know the whole story? Did you know Bryant and Hazel almost didn’t get their happy ending? While their story is still being written, Bryant clears up any misconceptions about how they came to be.

While some are shy or even hesitant about approaching others in a dating scenario, Bryant didn’t have that luxury while looking for love on a reality television show. During the initial mixer, Bryant nearly missed out on his opportunity to connect with Hazel, after another contestant got to her first. You can say he learned his lesson the second time around because once Hazel was available, Bryant made his move. “As soon as I saw her get free, I grabbed her. It’s so funny, when we got up, I said ‘we got the C and C’. I said something about Kamil and Cornelius. I’m thinking her name starts with a C, she said ‘umm my name starts with a K’. I was like ‘oh Lord, ok I messed up already’.” Lucky for Bryant, he in fact, did not mess it up.

Fast forward to what has become known as “Voiceover-Gate” – one of, if not the biggest, headline from this season of Ready To Love. While Hazel maintained she never vowed to “F ya’ll up” in regard to the ladies if Bryant got eliminated, the footage seemed to show otherwise, according to several castmates. Like most supportive boyfriends, Bryant is standing by his lady but had no issues stating the part editing played in all of it. “When it actually happened in real life, I didn’t hear it. Even Zadia, that was sitting next to Kamil, she didn’t hear it. Did the words ‘I’ll F you up’ come out her mouth? Yes. Did it come out to ‘I’ll F you up if you put my man in the bottom?’ No. Because that means she would be threatening the other ladies.” When pressed a little harder about the incident, Bryant alluded to the fact that those words were actually directed towards producers. “I am going to blame it on production. When Kamil said it initially, she said it to producers, she didn’t say it to anybody on the cast.”

It looks like that settles that, at least for now. To find out more about Bryant’s journey on the show and the rest of his explanation of “Voiceover-Gate”, check out the full interview below!



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